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PHS Yearbooks: 1960-2012

The first graduates from Paramus High School, in Paramus, NJ, were the class of 1960, who began in the 10th grade when the school first opened in Sept. 1957 for grades 7-10 and some 6. The grades shifted up one level each year, following the original students, until becoming a four-year high school in Sept. 1959. From its beginning and throughout the early years the students at the new school experienced an unusual school spirit and sense of adventure and excitement, achieving exceptional successes in academics, sports, music, and other activities, guided and encouraged by an unusually dedicated faculty.

The annual Delphian yearbooks below present a history of PHS from 1957 through 2012 as told by each graduating class. The files are scans* of the complete yearbooks in text-searchable PDF format. The Class of 1960 yearbook was the first produced by the first graduating class and includes history of the building and opening of the new high school in 1957.

Warning: these are large files which are time consuming to download. It is generally best to download them (right click to save) rather than try to directly read them remotely in a browser.

        1960 (148MB)         1970 (89MB)         1980 (98MB)         1990 (141MB)         2000 (153MB)         2010 (163MB)
        1961 (160MB)         1971 (91MB)         1981 (101MB)         1991 (128MB)         2001 (135MB)         2011 (148MB)
        1962 (138MB)         1972 (95MB)         1982 (102MB)         1992 (130MB)         2002 (157MB)         2012 (151MB)
        1963 (133MB)         1973 (141MB)         1983 (145MB)         1993 (137MB)         2003 (171MB)
        1964 (151MB)         1974 (105MB)         1984 (196MB)         1994 (151MB)         2004 (160MB)
        1965 (83MB)         1975 (99MB)         1985 (133MB)         1995 (156MB)         2005 (166MB)
        1966 (128MB)         1976 (97MB)         1986 (130MB)         1996 (117MB)         2006 (303MB)
        1967 (79MB)         1977 (99MB)         1987 (131MB)         1997 (88MB)         2007 (213MB)
        1968 (128MB)         1978 (101MB)         1988 (156MB)         1998 (108MB)         2008 (261MB)
        1969 (79MB)         1979 (100MB)         1989 (108MB)         1999 (153MB)         2009 (191MB)

* PDF files for 1960 - 2005 created by Pat Maguire Phillips '61, provided by Henry Hensel '63

The precursor to the Delphian was the class of '60's 1956 8th grade Memorial School yearbook Memos of Memorial — PDF file created by Beverly Shell '60, provided by Ken Tashian '64.

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